Jenkins Remote

Job's details

Jenkins Remote (formerly Hudson Remote) is a system tray application that provides a detailed view of your Jenkins (or Hudson) Continuous Integration server. It is designed to sit in your operating system’s System Tray and query the Jenkins server for information about each job. It provides notification pop-ups when a build begins and completes. It also provides a detailed look into each job including information about the build, the health reports, test data and artifacts. Finally it can also trigger commands on the server such as starting builds and restarting the server.

Eclipse .NET Tool

nettools_screenshotEclipse .NET Tools is a project centered around adding capabilities to Eclipse for .NET development. The current version supports NUnit and NAnt within Eclipse.


Jail Gate

jailgateImagine being thrown in jail, stuck behind bars with no way out. On each side of the jail cell is a set of buttons. When pressed, the buttons begin to offer hope that this jail sentence will not last forever.

Jail Gate requires a combination of luck and skill to attempt an escape. Pressing the correct combination of buttons and moving three bars out of the way an escape can be achieved.